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FoodCycler Reviews

Annemarie C. This is one amazing appliance. I live in a community with no municipal household waste recycling. I use this system twice daily - once in the morning for breakfast scraps, fridge clearouts, coffee grounds, etc. In the evening, after dinner cleanup and other daily household wastes, I turn it on for overnight. In each instance, the end product is very minimal, almost like sand. I then dispose of it outdoors in our yard. You could also throw out the remains in the garbage as they are completely recycled and will deteriorate nicely in a landfill without taking up any space at all. You can dispose of anything including chicken bones. You can leave your scraps in the recycler for days as there is a standby mode to move the air through the filters. The use of electricity is minimal - only for the drying and grinding. It is expensive but worth it. I bet you will get your money back when you start altering your purchases to meet only daily use so that there is no backup of kitchen scraps that need to go in the garbage.

FoodCycler Customer I have had mine for about a year and use it daily. I originally bought it expecting to reduce food scraps and any spoilage that I was putting into curbside recycling, but quickly discovered that the end product is so little that I have reduced curbside recycling to almost nothing. In the winter I put the results of what comes out into my cats litter boxes (they like it) along with their litter, and in the warmer months it goes in my compost heap at the back of my property. Love it!

Valerie K. Myers This is a machine that is so easy to use, and reduces kitchen waste to a very small, dry pile of (hopefully still nutritious) composite that is easily mixed into potting soil or dirt.. From another reviewer I had the impression that it would be noisy during the grinding process -- not so! Not, at least, during the times I've used it, which, to be honest is only twice so far. It seems to be very well made, although there is a blackish blemish on the top of my machine above the signal lights that seems to be inherent in the plastic part. It doesn't affect the working of the machine whatsoever.

Dr. Natural Yes, it's true that it's not truly compost. But I am vegan and go through pounds of organic produce which had been previously all going into the landfill because of my condo living. The machine works well to dehydrate and grind the material which I can add to my raised garden bed. I am really amazed by how well it works and I am grateful for the opportunity to do something decent for the planet. One thing I will mention - I have it in my cupboard under my sink and I had no idea how high the water content is in all this vegetal refuse. It caused a modest amount of condensation in my cupboard so I run a batch each night with the cupboard doors open and there is no problem. Read the product information if you have any doubt about the contribution of rotting organic material in the landfill to global problems.

John M. I purchased this product about 5 months ago, and have been extremely happy with it ever since. The machine is a solid design, quiet, totally odor free and will process just about any food waste you put into it. It can convert a pail full of waste down to just a hand full in a few hours. I throw the remaining material on my gardens. It's a really terrific product. It currently drops our weekly garbage for a family of four by about a half to a full bag a week. I would recommend it to anyone.

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