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The FoodCycler FC-30

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The state-of-the-art solution to your food waste problem.

The FoodCycler™ FC-30 is the only affordable, odorless, easy-to-use and eco-friendly indoor food recycler available. In as little as 3 hours, kitchen scraps can be reduced by up to 90% into a highly mature, nutrient-rich soil amendment – ideal for gardening applications! Better-than-compost, this fertilizer is free of pathogens and can be stored pest-free for months!

Turn Your Food Waste Into Something More

Each week, we throw away food waste - table scraps, fruit rinds, eggshells and more. The FoodCycler turns all those food scraps into beautiful "foodilizer" - a soil amendment that has been scientifically proven to nourish plants, and revitalize your soil!

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The FoodCycler™ FC-30

This compact, eco-friendly, green machine takes just about any food waste you can throw in it and transforms it into something beautiful.

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Dimensions : 11"(W)x14"(H)x14"(D)
Weight : 20lbs
Power Consumption : 500w
Capacity : 1 Kilogram
Cleaning : Dishwasher friendly
Processing Time : Approximately 3 Hours


Our system uses a special formula of activated carbon to keep the naturally potent smells of food waste contained, and your space free from its lingering odour.


Instead of throwing away hundreds of dollars of food every year, turn your food waste into natural soil amendment for your garden. What you don’t eat can be used to grow something you will!


Push a button, and create a safe & natural soil or lawn amendment. It’s a simple solution to the serious problem of food waste, and its ease-of-use makes it even easier to love.


Using less electricity than a small microwave oven, our units feature sensory technology that ensures energy is used efficiently, and minimally. It's part of our commitment to eco-driven technology.


In less time than it takes to defrost a chicken, you can turn food scraps into sterile and safe soil amendment. Transform your dinner into potent, organic fertilizer for your garden before bedtime!


Lightweight, odourless, and compact, the FoodCycler™ can be used anywhere - not just the kitchen. Put it where you have room, and let it effectively and discreetly work it’s magic.

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Morgan R.
United States United States
Great addition to our apartment

We live in Brooklyn, where composting & food scrap drop-offs have been suspended due to covid-19. We purchased this in March and it's been a great way for us to continue composting from our small apartment. It's about the size of a bread machine, is mostly quiet, and we use it about once a week. We've even composted dried flowers and stems with our food scraps. It's an investment, but so far it's been working well, and we get beautiful compost results.

Anika S.
United States United States
Loved the FoodCycler

How to better predict when to replace the carbon filter? Would want to order a spare the foodcycler container so that I can use the spare one on the kitchen countertop to store until is full while the other one is running

United States United States
easy and not smelly

easy to use. We put almost everything into foodcycler. Now that our first winter has passed,, I wish there were a FB group of users to see how to use the cycled food in various gardens.

Lana E.
United States United States

I have used this every day! Best surprise gift ever. I waste zero.

Eileen C.
United States United States
Excellent Product

I am very impressed with this machine. The reason I purchased this was due to the fact that I spend most of the year in Florida and due to the heat disposal of garbage was problematic. Even though I have an in sink disposer, which has to be kept scrupulously clean or the sink smells fairly rapidly, I would freeze my garbage. This Food Cycler has been a game changer. I keep it on the counter of my outdoor “ kitchen” and use it regularly. It does everything it says it does so no longer do I freeze garbage . I would highly recommend.

Food Cycle Science

Hi Eileen, Thanks so much for your review, we truly appreciate it! Happy FoodCycling, Jillian

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