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Replacement Filter Set (2 Filters)

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The FoodCycler uses a patented ternary complex actor filter to eliminate any odors that would occur from the natural composting process. The filters are expected to last approximately 3 months depending on frequency of use and the types of organic materials that are being processed.

Note: We do not ship to PO boxes at this time! 

Watch the FoodCycler in Action!


    Our system uses a special formula of activated carbon to keep the naturally potent smells of food waste contained, and your space free from its lingering odour.


    Push a button, and create a safe & natural soil or lawn amendment. It’s a simple solution to the serious problem of food waste, and its ease-of-use makes it even easier to love.


    In less time than it takes to defrost a chicken, you can turn food scraps into sterile and safe soil amendment. Transform your dinner into potent, organic fertilizer for your garden before bedtime!


    Instead of throwing away hundreds of dollars of food every year, turn your food waste into natural soil amendment for your garden. What you don’t eat can be used to grow something you will!


    Lightweight, odourless, and compact, the FoodCycler™ can be used anywhere - not just the kitchen. Put it where you have room, and let it effectively and discreetly work it’s magic.


    Using less electricity than a small microwave oven, our units feature sensory technology that ensures energy is used efficiently, and minimally. It's part of our commitment to eco-driven technology.

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Fran H.
United States

Food Cycle Science

I just received my Food Cycle Science just last week and use it twice. Love it. Thank you!

Food Cycle Science

Hi Fran, thank you so much for your review! Happy FoodCycling!

United States

Very good

Putting them in was easy but the red light is still on. Can you advise how to turn it off?

Food Cycle Science

Hi Robert, thank you so much for your review! To reset the filter light, remove the back panel of the unit and feel around along the upper, inner ledge of the unit cavity (directly above where it says Reset Filter light on the back panel) until you find a small round button. Press and hold for 3 seconds until you hear a beep. The filter light should go off! Happy FoodCycling!

Kathy G

Better than expected -- a super product!

I had high hopes for this product, and I have to say, they have been met and exceeded. The machine works well and produces great pre-compost that I put right in my garden to decompose fully. I love that it will do chicken and fish bones as well as vegetable matter. My one slightly negative comment, and the reason I only gave 4 stars, is that the filter needs changing after just three months. At $25 USD per filter change, that's going to be $100/year. My question about this is, if I continue to use the unit after the 'change filter' light goes on, will it damage the unit? Or can I just go longer? My FoodCycler unit is in our garage, so odor isn't a huge problem, and I am hoping I can stretch out these filters for another month at least. Can you advise on this?

Food Cycle Science

Hi Kathy, Thank you so much for your review! I am so happy to hear we have exceeded expectations! In regards to the filters (or lack thereof), it will not affect the performance of the machine, only the smell emitted during the cycle. During the warmer months if you have a leak proof shed (or garage in your case), you can still run your machine as you would normally do. The best way to tell whether or not your filters have expired and are due for replacement, is, funnily enough, the smell. If you aren't smelling anything while the unit is processing, you can still operate your machine, even if the Change Filter light is on. So, if you'd like to keep using your machine despite it indicating that the filters need replacing, that's completely up to you! I did also want to mention that we to sell filter 4 packs for $74.99 which is essentially getting a free filter set therefore when you purchase in bulk you can save more :) I hope this helps! Happy FoodCycling!

Michael C.

Replacement Filter Set

Fast and easy ordering and receiving.

Food Cycle Science

Hi Michael, thank you for your review! Happy FoodCycling!

Debra M.
United States

Food cycler

Works great to minimalize waste. I use the chips in my garden. Easy to maintain

Food Cycle Science

Hi Debra, thank you so much for your review! Happy FoodCycling!

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