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Replacement Filters

$24.95 CAD

The FoodCycler uses a patented ternary complex actor filter to eliminate any odors that would occur from the natural composting process. The filters are expected to last approximately 3 months depending on frequency of use and the types of organic materials that are being processed. (2 filters per set)

Weight: 2.00 lb
Dimensions: 5.00 x 5.00 x 10.00 in
Price: $19.95 USD
$24.95 CAD

FoodCycler™ Users Love Their Machine

FoodCycler customer

John M. I purchased this product about 5 months ago, and have been extremely happy with it ever since. The machine is a solid design, quiet, totally odor free and will process just about any food waste you put into it. It can convert a pail full of waste down to just a hand full in a few hours. I throw the remaining material on my gardens. It's a really terrific product. It currently drops our weekly garbage for a family of four by about a half to a full bag a week. I would recommend it to anyone.