2-Year Extended Warranty

2-Year Extended Warranty

The FoodCycler™ FC-30 is the only odorless, easy to use and maintain, environmentally friendly, short-cycle, in-home composting unit available. In as little as 3 hours, kitchen scraps can be reduced by up to 90% into a highly mature, nutrient-rich soil amendment – ideal for gardening applications!

Turn Your Food Waste Into Something More

Each week, we throw away food waste - table scraps, fruit rinds, eggshells and more. The FoodCycler turns all those food scraps into beautiful "foodilizer" - a soil amendment that helps plants grow better and faster.


FoodCycler Features

 Energy Efficient 
Uses Less electricity than a small microwave oven. Less than 1 kWh per cycle.

 Odorless Technology
Special carbon filters naturally diffuse potent food waste & composting odors.

 Quick 3-Hour Cycle
Turn your daily food scraps into natural soil amendment in just one 3 hour cycle.

 One Button Activation
Just add your food waste, close the lid and activate the unit. It's that easy.

 Compact, Easy to Move
Lightweight and compact, FoodCycler can be moved anywhere - not just the kitchen.

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Watch the FoodCycler in Action!


    Our system uses a special formula of activated carbon to keep the naturally potent smells of food waste contained, and your space free from its lingering odour.


    Push a button, and create a safe & natural soil or lawn amendment. It’s a simple solution to the serious problem of food waste, and its ease-of-use makes it even easier to love.


    In less time than it takes to defrost a chicken, you can turn food scraps into sterile and safe soil amendment. Transform your dinner into potent, organic fertilizer for your garden before bedtime!


    Instead of throwing away hundreds of dollars of food every year, turn your food waste into natural soil amendment for your garden. What you don’t eat can be used to grow something you will!


    Lightweight, odourless, and compact, the FoodCycler™ can be used anywhere - not just the kitchen. Put it where you have room, and let it effectively and discreetly work it’s magic.


    Using less electricity than a small microwave oven, our units feature sensory technology that ensures energy is used efficiently, and minimally. It's part of our commitment to eco-driven technology.

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