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I've been using my Food Cycler for a couple of months and it works like a charm and does exactly what it is supposed to do. It totally dries and grinds up my kitchen scraps quietly, quickly, and without noise, smell or fuss. The result is something that looks like peat moss and has virtually no odor (if I put my coffee grounds in it has the faintest hint of coffee). I don't have a garden or compost pile set up yet (new house) so I’ve been giving the ground-up goodness to my neighbour who digs it right into her garden. This is a great invention and every house should have one!

Linda Tumchewics

We run a cycle every night in our kitchen after dinner. All the leftovers of the day actually go to good use instead of hitting the landfill. Rather than going to waste, the byproduct is nutrient-rich and actually feeds our garden!

We've been using the same food cycler for around two years and will never go back to composting in big bins... no more odour and no more raccoons digging around the backyard for scraps.

Ryan Laming

I LOVE my food cycler! My friends think it is neat as well. Since I live alone, it takes awhile for me to fill it up so - one of my single friends brings me her food scraps once a week. We laugh about my "garbage collection"! I have used the compost on my flowers and they are doing great this year. I recommend this for all of us who are concerned about the earth and want to make things better with our actions - great and small!

Anita Rayburn

FoodCycler Users Love Their Machine

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Sharla Lamken

I love this Food Cycler! I use it at least once a day. It’s really easy to use and I cut down on how much garbage I throw away. I add it to my garden but since I bought it in January, I’ll see how much fertilizer I’ll have to add. I’m sure this has tons of nutrients and no chemicals! Awesome!

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