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The Food Waste Solution for Green-Thinking Offices

See how forward thinking offices are using green technology to save energy and money.

See how Caesar’s Winsor has enhanced their green initiative with the FoodCycler™

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FoodCycler™ Advantages


    Lightweight, versatile, and compact, the FoodCycler™ can be used anywhere - not just the kitchen. Put it where you have room, and let it effectively and discreetly work it’s magic. 


    Our system uses a special formula of activated carbon to keep the naturally potent smells of composting contained, and your space free from its lingering odour.


    Push a button, and create a safe & natural soil or lawn amendment. It’s a simple solution to the serious problem of food waste, and its ease-of-use makes it even easier to love.


    Instead of throwing away hundreds of dollars of food every year, turn your food waste into natural soil amendment for your garden. What you don’t eat can be used to grow something you will!


    In less time than it takes to defrost a chicken, you can turn food scraps into sterile and safe soil amendment. Transform your dinner into potent, organic fertilizer for your garden before bedtime!


    Using less electricity than a small microwave oven, our units feature sensory technology that ensures energy is used efficiently, and minimally. It's part of our commitment to eco-driven technology.

Case Studies


As Canada’s largest resort operation, Caesars knows what an influx of food waste looks like, and it has experienced the burden firsthand. 

Since taking on sustainable practices as a company, they’ve adopted the FoodCycler™ as one of their most powerful tools to combat food waste. FoodCycler™ units are used throughout their organization, from their back-of-house operations in restaurant kitchens to their corporate lunchrooms.

An enthusiastic employee base has integrated the FoodCycler into their daily operations. In total, Caesars has used the units to reduce 80,000lbs of food per year into odorless, sterile fertilizer that can be used to reinvigorate the planet. Not only has embracing this technology saved them money on waste management, but Caesars has also bolstered their brand image, securing them a spot with employees and customers as a top eco-empathic company. The ROI of this alone has been as lucrative as it is sustainable.


Cutting Back on Greenhouse Gases

The 70 million tons of food waste dumped in landfills every year doesn’t simply decompose. It attracts pests and emits odors, toxic liquids and methane gas - a greenhouse gas that’s up to 30 times more potent than CO2. This is the gas that eats the ozone, and cooks our planet.

The FoodCycler™ reduces food waste by 90% and turns it into a nutrient-rich soil amendment, so rather than creating harmful greenhouses gases, it creates a powerful fertilizer that can revitalize the earth.

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