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National Cappuccino Day: a la #nofoodwaste

Posted by Samantha Miller on

Happy #NationalCappuccinoDay fellow-foodies! Did you know that being a Food-Cycler-foodie is like graduating to being a black-belt in karate? #TheMoretheYouKnow

In honour of this sacred - nay, holy - day, let us bow our heads... over a tasty mug of frothy, caffeinated goodness.

If you're in the mood to join us by hunkering down and sipping on something warm and sweet, but all you have in your fridge is an old jar of hairy olives and one lone, lonely, blackened banana: don't worry. A FoodCycler no-waste recipe is coming to your rescue!

FoodCycler has a fail-safe, dairy-free and zero-waste cappuccino recipe just for you, you sad, grocery-less bean-fiend. (Don't worry - we won't include the jar of olives in the recipe.)

You know that loveless banana collecting dust in your fruit bowl? Yeah. Save that. You're gonna need it. 

Step One: Brew whatever you would normally brew, your top-o-the-mornin' tipple, your daily cup-o-joe.

Step Two: Bung that bean-juice into your best blending mechanism and add that brownana to the mix (with a dash of maple syrup if you're nasty). 

Step Three: Blend until you're satisfied that the banana is no more (hail the glorious dead).

Step Four: Pour the mixture into a wide-brim mug (or whichever dish/ladle/salad bowl is still clean) and watch as this most glorious #dairyfree banana-ccino rises like the witch's brew in Macbeth. Something wicked this way comes, indeed.

Step Five: Drink up! The banana acts as a perfect milk-froth replacement, with a healthful dose of potassium and magnesium thrown in, free of charge. 

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